Our story - G3 photo studio

We opened our studio in 2012 with the intention to make the photo studio renting a seamless process where the crew only needs to focus on the job at hand. We are photographers ourselves, so we understand exactly what is necessary for a photoshoot, and that is what we aim to provide you with. The elegant studio welcomes you with a friendly, warm environment, large windows, and clean, clear shapes. The large spaces of the studio allow for even larger lighting equipment to be used.

G3 can provide two studios, each with its own benefits:

  • 01 Natural Light studio: An abundance of natural light all day long, until dusk. This study also provides and endless white background for you to shoot in front of, and the studio can partially be darkened upon request.
  • 02 Dark studio: This studio is actually quite light, but upon request can be completely darkened in case exterior lights should disrupt your settings.

Both studios have their own hair and make-up space and a changing area!
You need to pay a fee when parking in the area of the studio is, but there is always available space.
With our special freight elevator you can even bring a prop up to 1000 kgs to the studio.

Check out G3 photo studio!

Already at the entrance we have your comfort in mind, that is why G3 was installed with a pleasant terrace!
A popular spot to group and have lunch in our halls.
G3 photo studio hall sporting large windows and clean spaces.
The forefront of G3 where you can comfortably wait around, have a chat or a cup of coffee.
01 Natural Light studio: sunlit, possible to partially darken, clean shapes, several backgrounds...
01 Natural Light studio: the other side of the studio is responsible for comfortable preparation: hair and make-up chairs, changing area and seating
02 Dark studio: windows the you can completely darken and it’s very own terrace!
02 Dark studios private terrace.
Kitchen area: comfortable and neat, an ideal place to quickly refresh.
A clean and quality shower and washing room catering to all your needs, where you won’t even get bored while washing your hands.

Pictures shot at our studio #g3studiobp

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