Christmas themed photoshoot

Looking for a setting for a Christmas photoshoot?
G3 is the perfect choice!

Don’t settle for a small home studio, if you’re looking for a studio for your Christmas shoot!

Why choose G3 photo studio
for your Christmas photoshoot?

You can create far better pictures for your clients with G3s large spaces, perfect lighting
and professional equipment!

  • Professional equipment – that make your work smoother and more effective
  • Countless Christmas photoshoot props in different styles
  • Feel free to set up multiple sets at the same time
  • Large, well-lit spaces
  • Professional assistance

    Multiple backgrounds:

    • Over 30 different colored paper-, and other material backgrounds
    • Built background panels with different mood effects
    • 5.5 m wide white, built cyclorama

    Karácsonyi fotóstúdió

    At G3 studio all is given to create perfect festive photos!
    You can design your set with a genuine holiday ambiance in accordance with your clients’ needs, or even create a wholesome homey environment.

    Photo studio renting fee
    The complete set of Christmas props is available for a one-time net 15,000 HUFs as opposed to the hourly fee of other studios.
    Additionally studio rent fees are: in case you’d like to book one of our studios for only one hour, in all timeframes that would cost 7000 HUFs.
    If you’d like to book for 2 or more hours, our prices are as follows

    • Every weekday between 8 am and 8 pm only 6000 HUFs/hour!
    • And if you’d like to work very early or very late, that’s also fine by us. Between 8 pm and 8 am, we’ll expect you for 7000 HUFs/hour.

    So a 2 hour long shoot with a gorgeous Christmas decoration would for example only cost you 27,000 HUFs! We're open 24/7! 

    Call us or send an e-mail and book as soon as you can!

    Location: Budapest, 13th district, 1. Taksony street

    Mobile: +36 20 928 6640


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