Professional photo studio
at a fair price!

G3 is more than your average photo studio.
Since we ourselves are professional photographers, we know exactly
      what is needed so that a crew can focus on the job.

Our two large

photo studios cater to every need!

Do you like to be enveloped in light, or are you in need of a completely darkened studio, where you control every light setting? You need only choose!
Two spacious studios
Both sunlight and complete
darkness have their charm.
Photo studio 0-24
Do you like to work at night?
Not a problem with us.
Professional equipment

In addition you can rent professional
photographer equipment at our studio too.


A strong Wifi presence awaits
you in all areas of our photo studio.

Freight elevator

With the help of our freight elevator
you can bring almost any prop into the studio.

Central parking

You’ll find us in the center of Budapest,
with easy access to parking.

Check out the interior of our photo studio!

Professional equipment to rent

Several equipment items are free of charge included in your studio rental. Whereas the most professional photography equipment is available at a very reasonable price.

n addition to basic lighting equipment (hasybox, parabolic umbrella, reflector) you can rent several additional equipment items at our studio to achieve better results.

You can choose from paper and fabric backgrounds in several colours, as well as built backdrop panels during your studio rental, in case you’re bored of studio photos with a basic background.

In every way:
comfortable and elegant!

At G3 studio, you can truly feel at home,
and no one will keep you from
creating the perfect shot!

Experiences at G3 studio


(Altogether 174 comments)

Tamara Tarcsai


Positive: Expertise

We were able to work within high quality, clean conditions. They are stocked with professional equipment, the hall provides a comfortable feel. The gentleman working there is helpfully aiding our job with his knowledge and huge bonus that I wasn’t cold, in spite of temperatures outside.
Overall I’m really satisfied with this place. I can only recommend it! :)

Zsolt Garay


Positive: Professionalism

A studio to rent with multiple rooms prepared for photoshoots. Good basic equipment. Would recommend.

Clients who chose us

Photo studio rental Budapest XIII

  G3 studio welcomes you with an elegant yet friendly, warm environment, large windows, and clean, clear shapes. The large spaces of the studio allow for even larger lighting equipment to be used.
From the two studios, 01 serves as a natural light studio, where you have plenty of natural light, and you can even use sunlight to shoot in front of our endless white background, but of course this studio can partially be darkened too if you so wish.
Studio 02 is also very light, but can be completely darkened if natural light messes with your light settings.
If you’re just starting out and need help with setting up the lights, we’re there to help make your studio rental be a success. And if you’re a pro, we’ll simply step back and let you shine your creativity during the shoot.
Our photo studio rental is available at Budapest XIII district, Taksony street 1. You can book an appointment at +36 20 928 6640 or email us at cimen.
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